Design Review

The General Development Guidelines (the "Guidelines") have been prepared to provide a framework to guide the design and construction of all improvements in Park East and to assist each buyer of a homesite in Park East to maximize the quality of the living experience in the neighborhood.  The purpose of the Guidelines is to enhance the aesthetic experience in Park East, promote harmonious residential design and to protect and enhance property values.

All development within Park East shall conform with the Guidelines and to the approval from the City of Glenwood Springs, as required.  The Design Review Committee ("DRC") has adopted these Guidelines in accordance with the Declaration of Protective Covenants for Park East Subdivision (the "Covenants").  The DRC's role is to provide assistance to all homeowners and their chosen design professionals and to ensure that the design process is a smooth and satisfying experience.  The Guidelines may be amended from time to time by the DRC and it is the responsibility of buyers or their representative to obtain and review a copy of the most recently revised Guidelines.  Where there are conflicts between the Guidelines and City codes the most restrictive will govern.  Where there are conflicts between the Guidelines and the Covenants, the Covenants will govern.

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Within the city limits, on a bend in the Roaring Fork River, lies an elevated bench overlooking the Roaring Fork Valley. With Mt. Sopris glistening in the distance, this is a very special place to call home.