This beautiful mountain valley located at the confluence of the Roaring Fork River and the mighty Colorado has forever been a sacred Colorado mecca.

The first recorded visitors were the Ute Indians.  They made summer pilgrimages to the natural hot springs for soaking and healing.  As decades passed, the early settlers believed the area's pure mountain mineral water could cure their ailments.  Even today people come to this special valley to live, play and improve their overall health and wellness - Colorado style.

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Park & Bike Path

Park East has incorporated environmentally responsible principles in the concept and design of the entire neighborhood and all of its amenities.

The passive neighborhood park located on the upper bank near the river is a place to come for relaxation.  The park is adjacent to the community trail that is part of a pedestrian trail system that surrounds the entire neighborhood.  The park layout creates a walking tour of several ecozones reflecting plant groupings seen in the diverse microclimates of Colorad - sunny forests, shaded hillsides, arid mesas and moist swales.

The park floor will contain large boulders where children can play in a natural area.  A change in grade will separate the park from the neighboring homesites.  The entire passive park environment is intended to be inviting and totally natural.

Striving to build a better place, serving a longer future.

Within the city limits, on a bend in the Roaring Fork River, lies an elevated bench overlooking the Roaring Fork Valley. With Mt. Sopris glistening in the distance, this is a very special place to call home.